Let’s grow, together.

Mumspiration is co-founded and managed by Mums for Mums as a destination for all of us to feel celebrated, inspired, energised and empowered in every way – relationally, economically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Working closely with our various panels of ‘expert’ Mums and our brand partners, without whom none of this would be possible, we do this through live events, daily inspiration, weekly articles, tips, tricks & hacks, through online discussion forums (we call them Mumversations), podcasts, interviews as well as online courses and programs.

Access to many of the extended features offered like live events, online courses and much more is however exclusive to Mums who are already members of Home Tester Club, and at this point, to those living in South Africa only.

So, if you are not a Home Tester Club Member already, why don’t you click here to join. Your membership will mean you’ll get to discover and experience new grocery products in your home and then share what you thought of them, to help the rest of us buy better. You’ll also be able to get access to buying many of those products at discounted prices in the online Club Shop.

Then, once you are a member of Home Tester Club, we’ll make contact with you with details about how you can enjoy the benefits of being part of the Mumspiration community of Mums that’s helping each other to be inspired, to keep growing and to live better. A community that’s getting real and making a real difference both in their own lives, as well as the lives of others.

On our own, we can get by. But together, we’re unstoppable. Welcome to Mumspiration.

Meet the team

Mumspiration Family
Mumspiration Family
Mumspiration was started by two Mums in 2013 as a youtube channel that produced daily inspirational video content just for Mums. In 2018, we extended our service by going live in 4 cities and putting on events to inspire Mums of Home Tester Club. In 2019, and with 8 employees now, it has evolved to become a multi-channel branded platform to help all members of Home Tester Club who are Mums, to truly get the most out of life.
Lianne Lembeck
Lianne LembeckCo-Founder and CEO
Lianne is a full time working Mum of one strong-willed 7 year old little girl, wife and part time musician, singer/song-writer who wishes to inspire through her music.
Cathy Michel
Cathy MichelCo-Founder & Head of Creative
Cathy Michel is a full time working Mum of one busy boy. A true creative and expert editor. An adventurer and lover of nature and the outdoors who takes every opportunity to soak up what Mother Nature has to offer.
Sheena Herne
Sheena HerneFinance and Admin Manager
Sheena is a full time working Mum of one, an animal lover, and has a passion for events, catering and organising.
Louise Fick
Louise FickHead of Studios & Production
Louise Fick is a happy juggler and organiser of film & video shoots, podcasts and family life, a well loved and loving wife, mom of a feisty toddler who is growing into her own; and frequently hides in the pantry with a bag of sweets for a few seconds of me-time!
Tish Stekhoven
Tish StekhovenHead of Design and User Experience
Tish Stekhoven is a full-time designer and mum to 30+ houseplants. She is a lifelong student of science, has seen every David Attenborough documentary, and you’ll frequently find her hiking in the mountains with her 3-year-old Jack Russel, Layla – who in the history of her existence is yet to run out of energy.
Sarah Jearey
Sarah JeareyMarketing, E-commerce and Community Co-ordinator
Sarah is a full time digital marketing guru and running enthusiast. She loves books and gin; best consumed at the same time.
Julie Williams
Julie WilliamsLifestyle Editor
Julie Williams is a full-time mum of five, a freelance writer, part-time wife and a self-proclaimed expert at smuggling chocolate into the house and making it disappear.
Tendai Taruvinga
Tendai TaruvingaCommunity Assistant and Admin Specialist
Family is everything! With a financial degree, Tendai is a numbers champion. Insisting on the importance of looking after oneself, Tendai keeps tabs on the health of her team members!


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