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Take some well deserved ‘time out’ from being a Mum and join hundreds of other women at one of our live events, designed to inspire, celebrate,  refuel, liberate and encourage us through music, movement, mindfulness, thought-leadership, comedy, workshops and networking.

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Previous Mumspiration events have been pure bliss and we had the fortune of working with some of the country’s most incredible and inspiring Mums, all experts in their own fields, who got on stage in Cape Town, Jozi, Durban and Pretoria and made us laugh, made us cry, made us relax, made us open our hearts, made us think, made us plan, made us dance, made us feel so alive. Tumi Morake, Dr Eve, Angel Jones, Khanyisa Bunu, Sam Smuts….. thank-you!  What a blast! Have a look below at the amazing content and line up for yourself!

12 October 2019 EVENT PASSED

The event was too beautiful, motivating and inspiring. I enjoyed all speakers. Changed my mind about financial situations starting a good plan for short and long term. I liked fashion as I never get the time to do fashion things. I adored Devi, her story was hilarious and seriously making us think. I absolutely had a fabulous time.

Tozi Gumbi

We need to make time for ourselves!!! By attending these events especially for us mums we learn to appreciate who we are as women and as mums.

Lucille Rajbans

It was thoroughly enjoyable and the one thing I took away from the day is that I need to stop feeling guilty for taking moments out for myself.

Chantelle King

The day was so refreshing the speakers were on point I will apply most of the information I received on my personal life.

Lindiwe Ndleda

The event was absolutely brilliant!!! Time well spent…great to be uplifted by and with other women. I have realized that I need to make more time for myself and if I don’t I will be doing an injustice to myself and my family.

Vaneshree Viranna

3 August 2019 EVENT PASSED

It was a reality that many moms always think about their families and forget about themselves. I even got to the shops after the event and got myself a new outfit. So thrilled!

Kogi Chetty

Beautiful day, vibrant speakers. My take out: I choose me.

Thobie Ngamlana

I loved it, taught us a lot about looking after oneself.

Kgadi Magoro

I was uplifted and empowered, I had a little chat with the ladies I brought along and the feeling was absolutely mutual. Thank you.

Rebecca Senoamadi

The event was inspirational and heart warming. Just chatting to other ladies and hearing their stories left me with a sense of gratitude. I’m happy that I could take out that time for myself and spend it with amazing women. I left knowing that I’m a good mother and woman and I should not feel any less.

Nasiha Surtee

8 June 2019 EVENT PASSED

This year’s MUMspiration was amazing!


It was just perfect; so informative and a great feeling to know I am not the only mother going through all of these phases.


I loved the fact that we as moms could get together like this and be celebrated.


Event was awesome I’m glad I attended. You have thought it all through and everything was perfect.


The event and speakers were absolutely fantastic. Loved the fact that each speaker was a mum too which made each one more relatable.


Second time I am attending and I can honestly say that last year was awesome, but this year was even better.


16 Feb 2019 EVENT PASSED

It was great to be in a space where I did not have to worry about any other being, but was able to concentrate on myself. The opportunity afforded to meet other mums and network is something to be treasured.


The day was beautiful. I learned to take time out for me and relax, even if it’s for a little bit.


It was a rollercoaster of emotions and I came away acknowledging that I should value myself more and not wait for validation from elsewhere.


I loved every minute of it. I enjoyed yoga and I’m going to start classes soon. I learned how to balance my life as a working mom. I had lots of fun too.


10 Nov 2018 EVENT PASSED

Dr Eve was phenomenal. It’s awesome that she reinforces that we have to focus on ourselves first, in order to make those around us happy.

Giselle Ferreira

I learnt a lot about the importance of putting yourself first. It was good to meet and network with other women.

Thalitha Mokoena

The benefit of yoga, meditation, diet and that I must make time for myself. Laughter is one of the best medicines!

Thanas Naidoo

To love myself and appreciate my body the way it is.

Thulile Biyase

15 Sep 2018 EVENT PASSED

“I love me” is one thing I will never forget. I cried, I laughed and I danced. Best seminar ever. Well done guys!


I have been struggling to love myself just the way I am, I got encouraged to look at myself in a different way. #I love me.


Love love love… I absolutely enjoyed ever minute on the show. The speakers were amazing!


The day was perfectly planned, the speakers were on point and everything said, is to be used in my everyday life.


18 Aug 2018  EVENT PASSED

It made me laugh, got me moving.

Leonie Strickland

Helped me remember who I am. A woman first, then a Mum.

Valeska Gruenbaum

I felt like I was part of something bigger….WOMEN UNITED.

Muriel Julius

It’s a relief to know, we all have our flaws. That NO mum is perfect.

Davine Jacobs