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Come together and join in the Mumversation on one of the many forums below. This is an open platform to celebrate, encourage, empower and inspire each other to keep growing by sharing what’s working for us in daily life.

Community guidelines:

Just like on, where you can find hundreds of members participating and providing honest and useful feedback on products to help each other make better buying decisions, our intention is that, in these MUMVERSATIONS, we will also get hundreds of us participating to help each other live better – to feel celebrated, inspired, energised and empowered in every way – relationally, economically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. So go ahead and add a few helpful words of your own or drop a link to an external resource which you think could benefit the rest of us – videos, articles, recipes, specials, step-by-step programs, etc.

Find an open forum room and a topic that you would like to participate in and join the MUMVERSATION. Sign in then add a few words or drop a link in to an external resource which you think could benefit the rest of us – videos, articles, recipes, specials, step-by-step programs, podcasts, etc.

Make sure after sharing, but before submitting, that you remember to tick the little box if you wish all the replies after yours to go straight to your email inbox. You can also hit ‘Favourite’ and all the threads in the forum will be sent automatically to your account profile for you to enjoy at a later stage.

Also, if the conversation sparks another thought that you would love to share with the rest of us, whatever it is as long as it is broadly related to the forum theme, then please feel free to do that by starting a new topic yourself.

Forums on topics will be closed after a certain period of time so don’t miss out on sharing your opinion while they are still open.

We also have a live chat line open during working hours (9am-5pm South Africa time) if you want to discuss anything with us in a more personal way.

Mumspiration would not exist if it were not for the brands that partner with us on Home Tester Club. These are the brands that give us samples to share with you, the brands that have all been tested, reviewed and rated by you already, the brands that support us at our events and the brands that offer us specially discounted prices so we can pass these deals on to you in Club Shop. No surprises, we love these brands! They have allowed us to build a small independent business that has helped us to look after our own families. In return, we let these brands sponsor our forums and topics. What this means is, from time to time, we will share some of the great things that you have already told us in Home Tester Club that you love about these brands. We’ll also try our hardest to pass on some really good savings on them by linking to any specials and deals in Club Shop that we may have managed to get for you.

If you cannot be kind, sensitive, respectful, loving, helpful and inspiring PLEASE DO NOT participate in the Mumversation with the rest of us. This is not a place to debate, to sell, to self-promote, to argue, to defend, to vent or to moan. There are enough ridiculous social media platforms and forums for that already!! There is ONLY one job to do here. To be good and kind to each-other. To keep helping, inspiring and empowering each other to be the best we can be. So, please be mindful of all of our different backgrounds, beliefs, race, creeds, age, language, socio-economic standings etc. This is a universal platform where the only common ground we all find ourselves standing on, is that we are women, who are Mums, living in SA and all trying our very hardest to be the best that we can be.

MUMVERSATIONS will be moderated daily by us. However there is a chance that, every now and again, we may miss something so we are also very reliant on all of us coming together and self-moderating the platform. What this means is, if you feel someone is not subscribing to our MUMVERSATION code, then please report them by contacting us and we will evaluate the specific incident and, if necessary, delete the specific post and ask them to stop. If we find that they do not, then we will blacklist them from participating further in all aspects of both and also